Emily Wist


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Sep 5 - Oct 4, 2012

NYIT Gallery 61

16 W. 61st Street

New York, NY 10023


Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012



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September 29, 2012


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June 20, 2012


Grad Work Culminates in MFA Exhibitions

BU Today - April 23, 2012

Artist Statement

As a professional artist my work focuses on personal struggles and, more recently, the subtle distinctions between partnership and dependence. My earlier work was inspired mostly by natural forms but I’m starting to explore abstraction of the human figure as a means of expression. In my studio practice I investigate the effect of building forms from smaller components using techniques like, welding, fiber art, collage, and found object.


In my work these connections often translate to a compilation of lines and I use these lines to create a form and though my work has become more figurative I’m still interested in nature’s quirks. The growth of tree roots and curves of bird feathers are just as engaging as human postures and body language. The interactions of lines and movement never cease to amaze me and my work is continually evolving, reflecting my observations and interpretations of struggle.

Featured Work

Mouths (kiss and gag)


mixed media

56" x 28" x 16"




This piece is part personal reflection and part exploration of the interaction between two figures.  Playing with surface and form this piece alludes to a sense of intimacy but also a feeling of revulsion or confusion.  Are they kissing or has one just regurgitated the other?